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Mountain Bike Skills Taupo is a coaching service for Adults and Youth to develop their mountain bike skills and give riders more confidence and enjoyment out on the trails

Position and Balance (ie. being strong and stable on the bike, increasing your range of movement, climbing and descending body position) and Operation of Controls (ie. gear efficiency, cadence, controlling speed, braking) are fundamental skills of mountain biking.  Learning to effectively Trail Scan aids in faster reactions times, better line choices and gives a rider more control and flow.  Developing your Direction Control (ie. angulation – leaning your bike underneath you, rotation of your body)  enables a rider to hold a line, change a line or to corner the bike more effectively. Fine tune these skills and you are well on the way to MASTERING mountain biking and LOVING IT!

What can Mountain Bike Skills Taupo offer you?

You may be a Seasoned Rider but have hit a plateau in your riding ability, or never really learnt how to master the art of cornering, or when and how to brake, or how to ride uphill efficiently or downhill with confidence, or simply how to stay in control on your bike.

Have you have invested in an E-bike, but it is a while since you have ridden bikes so need a refresher? Or maybe you want to keep up with the grandchildren? Let us help you gain more confidence and skill on your bike.

Adventure Racing is an emerging event style which includes a mountain biking section - they are awesome fun, but can be even more fun when you are confident and in control of your mountain bike.

New To Mountain Biking - Perhaps you haven't ventured on mountain bike trails before and want to progress from riding along the lakefront, then all you need is a little bit of confidence and a few handy tips on how to handle your mountain bike and you'll be away laughing.

Or maybe you are an Up and Coming Young Rider and this is the sport of your choice. Get your foundation skills nailed and the sky is the limit.

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